Council puts draft Section 94A Development Contributions Plan on public exhibition

Nov 18, 2011 Other

Council has resolved to prepare and exhibit a Draft Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2011, which would apply to all areas in Mosman and would replace the current Mosoman development contributions plans.

Section 94A of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 allows councils to levy a charge against development for the provision of public facilities, so long as the levy is identified in a Contributions Plan.

The Draft Mosman Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2011 applies a levy of 0.5% for works with an estimated cost of between $100,000 and $200,000 and a levy of 1% for works which exceed $200,000.

A broad range of projects would be funded under the Plan, including the site purchase and development of a child care centre at the Mosman Bowling Club, the Art Gallery Upgrade and the Marie Bashir Indoor Sports Centre.

The location of the proposed works, and the works schedule taken from the Draft Plan, can be viewed here.

Copies of the draft Plan are also available for inspection, and to take away, from the Council foyer.  For further questions please contact Linda Kelly on 9978 4041 or Kate Ingram on 9978 4154.


Submissions may be made online or in writing to the General Manager up to 16 December 2011.

Following the close of the exhibition period the matter will be further considered by Council in early 2012.