Exempt and Complying Development DCP no longer applies in Mosman

Sep 30, 2011 Other

In accordance with Clause 1.9 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, or the Codes SEPP, as from 1 September 2011, if a person proposes to carry out a type of development that is covered in Mosman’s Exempt and Complying Development DCP and the Codes SEPP, the development can only proceed as complying development or exempt under the Codes SEPP. In other words, Mosman’s Exempt and Complying DCP has now been “switched off”.

However, the NSW Government recently announced that it wishes to extend this period of concurrence when either the Codes SEPP or the Exempt and Complying DCP can apply. Draft amendments to the Codes SEPP have been exhibited to this effect, and the Government has announced that if a change is made it will not occur until after October 2011. Any updates on these amendments will be posted on this site.

When the draft Mosman LEP2011 is gazetted, however, the Exempt and Complying Development DCP will no longer apply.