NSW Government releases new State Plan NSW 2021

Sep 29, 2011 Other

The NSW Government released the State Plan – NSW 2021, at the beginning of September.  This ten year plan replaces the 2006 State Plan as the Government’s key strategic business plan. It sets priority areas for action and guides NSW resource allocation in conjunction with the State Budget. The Plan is divided into five key strategic areas– rebuilding the economy; returning quality services; renovating infrastructure; strengthening local environment and community; and restoring accountability. Within the strategies are several set targets and action plans.

A  Local Action Plan internet forum has been set up on the website.  Here people are encouraged to leave comments on what they consider should be priority actions from the Plan in their region.  The Government has also announced it will be consulting with Local Government and other stakeholders over the coming twelve months.

Actions in the Plan directly relating to urban planning include:

• Further promoting complying development

• Encouraging steady and strategic growth in regional NSW focussing on infrastructure and job creation

• Creating a 20 year State Infrastructure Strategy and detailed five year infrastructure plans

• Delivering the Sydney North West and South West rail links and a new Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

• Improving housing affordability and availability

• Reducing travel times on the road network and public transport

• Increasing share of commuter trips by public transport

• Increasing walking and cycling

• Encouraging job growth in centres close to where people live – a strategy called “Building Liveable Centres”

Further information can be found on the NSW2021 website.