Get involved in planning for Spit Junction

Members of the Mosman community are being given the opportunity to become involved in the planning for Spit Junction.

Earlier this year Council was awarded a significant grant by the State government to undertake a Masterplan for Spit Junction.

The Masterplan will guide future development of the business centre and will be prepared by consultants contracted to Council. The process of selecting a suitable consultant is underway. A group of community representatives and stakeholders will act as a sounding board for the consultants and council about the direction of the plan.

Applications are being called for now. If you are a local resident, business owner or property owner with an interest in what happens at Spit Junction Council would like to hear from you.

You need to make written application to Council by 21 July.

Terms of Reference – Reference Group

The Group

The reference group will be comprised of relevant stakeholders and members of the community, who either live in Mosman, own a property in Mosman or have a local business interest.

Roles and responsibilities of Reference Group

  • To act as a link between the community, consultants and Council;
  • To provide consultants with a cross-section of viewpoints relating to community needs and concerns specific to the study area and ensure these are considered throughout the duration of the project;
  • To provide a forum for consultants and Council to discuss and obtain feedback on plans and proposals from the Reference Group; and
  • Attend four meetings during the expected 16 month period of the project or as requested by the consultants.

Making a submission to be part of the Group

Your application:

  • Must be sent in writing to:
    Mosman Council
    Attention: Kelly Lynch
    PO Box 211
    Spit Junction NSW 2088
  • OR emailed to:
    Attention: Kelly Lynch
  • Must indicate whether you are a Mosman resident, a business owner in Spit Junction, or what your interest is to Spit Junction;
  • Must contain a personal statement indicating why you would be suitable for the Reference Group. The statement should be supported by relevant qualifications and background information.
  • Must be submitted to Council by 4pm on Thursday 21 July 2011

More information

Consultant Brief (PDF 2MB) – Spit Junction Masterplan and Mosman Civic Centre Feasibility Study (February 2011)


Kelly Lynch
Strategic Planner – Project Coordinator
9978 4058
0419 784 058

Nazia Pokar
Strategic Planner
9978 4190
0438 784 190