Planning issues explained

Q&A provides you with answers to some of the planning questions that may be of interest to you.

The Planning Team will regularly update and add to this Q&A on new issues as they develop.  This has been provided to ensure services from Council are available outside normal office hours.

If you have any question that hasn’t been answered use the ‘Got a question for Joe’  facility for a direct response.

Do I need a DA to do minor works to my heritage property?

A DA may not need to be lodged. You may be able to apply for a heritage exemption. read more

Can I vary development standards and what are they?

What controls under the LEP require a formal written request for variation? read more

What controls exist for front fences in Mosman?

Are there any controls for front fences in Mosman? Do they require a DA? read more

How do I calculate floor space ratio of my development?

Calculating permissible floor space ratio for development projects read more

How much of my site should be landscaped?

Calculating the minimum landscaped area of a site read more