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Mosman Scenic Protection Area – Have Your Say

Sep 10, 2020 by Kelly Lynch

Protecting the visual significance and landscape quality of Mosman’s foreshore slopes to Sydney and Middle Harbours, and the amenity of existing residential properties, has been a Council priority for many years. Through careful planning and ongoing lobbying by Council, this area known as the Mosman Scenic Protection Area has been excluded from the NSW Government’s Housing Code since 2009, however this is due to expire on 30 November 2021.

What is the Housing Code?

The Housing Code was introduced by the NSW Government to allow ‘fast track’ approval of new one and two-storey dwelling houses, and alterations/additions to existing dwelling houses under State-wide controls, bypassing the need for Council approval and the development application process. However, as complying development there would be no meaningful consultation with surrounding landowners, and Council’s long-standing controls for building bulk/scale, landscaping, view sharing, privacy, overshadowing and visual impact would not be considered. The impact this may have on resident amenity and the landscape, particularly in a cumulative sense, may be detrimental and irreversible.

What change is Council considering?

To ensure ongoing protection of the foreshore land, an option being explored by Council is to apply an E4 Environmental Living zone to all land within the Scenic Protection Area that is currently zoned R2 Low Density Residential under Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012. The land would remain a low-density residential area with Council’s controls continuing to apply. The Housing Code would not apply to land zoned E4.

Where can I find out more?

Council is in the initial stages of considering this option, and this week is writing to the landowners of around 2,600 affected properties within the Mosman Scenic Protection Area. More information is available at, including a short survey. Feedback is welcomed by 5 October 2020. Enquiries to the Urban Planning Team:  Joe Vertel on 9978 4214, or Kelly Lynch on 9978 4058.

Public meeting on land use planning proves highly popular

Jul 30, 2019 by Evan Matthews

Last Wednesday 80 members of the Mosman community gathered at Council to discuss local strategic planning issues and find out more about how local planning initiatives fit within the broader State context. The meeting was initiated by the Mayor in response to the current exhibition of the draft local strategic planning statement, or LSPS for short.

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Archaeological Sites Amendments to the LEP

Jun 9, 2016 by Gibran Khouri

Proposed amendments to archaeological sites considered at Council meeting

Council’s proposal to amend the listing of archaeological sites identified in Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (the LEP) was considered at the Council Meeting held on 3 May 2016. This proposal seeks to include more specific site and property information in the LEP in relation to existing archaeological sites to provide certainty for landowners and Council.

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