What will be Council’s future needs for facilities at its Spit Junction site?

In June 2014, architectural consultants HBO+EMTB were engaged by Council to undertake an analysis of Council’s needs for its site at Spit Junction. As part of this project, the consultants are considering: the existing and future demand for community facilities and services at the site; whether the current building stock on the site can adequately .. read more

You said it and now the project team has responded

Following a month of extensive community consultation a a report on the outcomes is now available. The Report has been prepared focusing on the second phase of consultation –preliminary Spit Junction Masterplan and draft feasibility study of the Mosman Civic Centre sites. The report captures the feedback from both traditional and online consultation. The report .. read more

Market Fever

The ‘Planners in Pink’ from the project team last Saturday spoke to over 50 people at the Mosman Markets. The planners were impressed at the level of interest shown by passers-by and community members who made the effort to come down to the Peoples Junction stall to speak to them about the Masterplan and Civic .. read more

A week of workshops

Last week was a busy one for the People’s Junction project team. Two successful workshops were held presenting the preliminary concepts on the Spit Junction Masterplan and Mosman Civic Centre sites to the community. Almost 80 community members, comprised of business owners and local residents participated and provided valuable feedback that will be considered by .. read more

RSVP – Coffee Concepts Conversation

Come down this Friday morning (7.30am – 9am) to the Seniors Centre and join the conversation on the preliminary plans for the People’s Junction with fellow business owners whilst enjoying some hot coffee and tea and local made pastries. During the event we will discuss a range of interesting topics including: • The development design .. read more

Populate or perish? Development incentives to encourage new residential opportunities in and around the Junction to activate the area

With community support, we are planning to redevelop civic and community buildings and upgrade public areas in Spit Junction. In order for revitalisation to occur, we will need to work in partnership with the State Government, private landowners, shopkeepers and local residents to encourage investment and activity in the area. We could do this by .. read more

How do you want the civic centre to look?

Civic Centre sites play an important role in all communities. They are a great community asset and the Mosman Civic Centre is no different. From time to time they do, however, need to be upgraded to ensure they remain relevant and meet the needs of all members of the community. The site feasibility study currently .. read more

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The future role of Mosman Library

The Masterplan for Spit Junction will be looking at the potential redevelopment of the Council buildings in Spit Junction, including the existing library building. This will create an exciting opportunity for the development of new library facilities. Libraries as we know them are changing. Books, magazines, encyclopaedias and journal articles are no longer just available .. read more

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A community hub – Mosman Civic Centre

Mosman Council is the largest property owner in Spit Junction. As part of the Masterplan a separate feasibility study is being undertaken to determine the future of the sites owned by the Council. A Mosman Civic Centre, Meals on wheels, aged and disability services B The Village Green C Council carpark D Mosman library and .. read more