Survey results gives insight into new households

Mar 12, 2014 by webteam

There are a number of new residential and mixed-use developments that have been constructed in recent years around Mosman. We know what the outside of these developments look like but who is moving into them? Do these new households contain younger families or older couples? Are there more people renting than those that own? What does this mean for Mosman?

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What’s happened in ‘planning’ this year?

Dec 9, 2013 by Linda Kelly

2013 is the year that saw the State government’s vision for planning reform materialise into a Planning Bill debated in both Houses of Parliament. Its journey towards becoming an Act moved through the Lower House and has now stalled with its passage through the Upper House. Amendments to the Bill have addressed some community concerns and caused outcry from the development industry but no-one’s completely satisfied. The signs are that the changes will still produce a planning system with an “us and them” mentality characterised by division and adversary. The very things the Government claimed the new system would fix.

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