What will be Council’s future needs for facilities at its Spit Junction site?

In June 2014, architectural consultants HBO+EMTB were engaged by Council to undertake an analysis of Council’s needs for its site at Spit Junction. As part of this project, the consultants are considering: the existing and future demand for community facilities and services at the site; whether the current building stock on the site can adequately .. read more

New ePlanning tools released

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has recently released a number of new ePlanning tools designed to make the planning system easier to navigate and understand. The new ePlanning tools include the following: Planning Viewer The Planning Viewer shows the planning rules that apply to properties in NSW where a standard Local Environmental Plan .. read more

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Update on the Spit Junction Masterplan – June 2014

The Spit Junction Masterplan was reported to the Council Meeting on 3 June 2014. The report (EP/18) addressed concerns raised by Councillors, considered the public submissions received, and made some recommendations about the future direction of the Masterplan. At the meeting, Council did not adopt the recommendations in the report and instead resolved that: 1. .. read more

Public Exhibition of LEP and DCP Amendments

Mosman’s planning controls will be strengthened with changes proposed to Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Mosman Residential Development Control Plan 2012. For over 20 years, planning controls establishing a maximum wall height, maximum number of storeys and minimum landscaped area for residential development have applied in Mosman. These controls are fundamental in achieving the .. read more

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Photographic Survey completed for Glover & Nathan’s Estates Conservation Area

A Photographic Survey for the Glover and Nathan’s Estates Heritage Conservation Area (HCA) has been completed. This survey includes photographs of all properties within the HCA (see below map) which includes parts of Belmont Rd, Glover St, Cabramatta Rd, Bardwell Rd and part of Cowles Rd in the western part of the Mosman LGA. The photographic survey provides .. read more

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Heritage in Mosman is a winner in recent Court decision

The value of buildings which make a contribution to the significance of our heritage conservation areas has been highlighted in a recent decision of the Land and Environment Court. Council was recently involved in an appeal regarding the demolition of a house in a heritage conservation area. The Commissioner hearing the appeal concluded that the .. read more

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Council Resolves to Amend Mosman LEP 2012

At the Council Meeting on 1 April 2014, Council endorsed a planning proposal to amend Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 which will: amend objectives for the R2 Low Density Residential zone, height of buildings and floor space ratio clauses in Mosman Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012, and include new local clauses for wall height, number .. read more

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What’s happening with the Spit Junction Masterplan?

Background The Spit Junction Masterplan and subsequent review by CHROFI Architects for the Mosman Civic Centre site were publicly exhibited from 3 October to 3 December 2013. A public meeting was also held on 25 November 2013 attended by 28 people. During the public exhibition 29 submissions were received from a wide range of stakeholders. An overview .. read more

Survey results gives insight into new households

There are a number of new residential and mixed-use developments that have been constructed in recent years around Mosman. We know what the outside of these developments look like but who is moving into them? Do these new households contain younger families or older couples? Are there more people renting than those that own? What .. read more

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Amendments to Mosman Development Control Plans come into effect on 19 December 2013

Do you currently have a development application being considered by Council, or are you planning to lodge an application soon? Amendments to Mosman Development Control Plans (DCPs) relating to the height and setback of buildings, carports, and information to be submitted with certain development applications, come into effect next Thursday 19 December 2013. All development .. read more

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