Environment Zones across NSW renamed as Conservation Zones

Nov 16, 2021 Environment, Planning News

The NSW Government is changing the name of Environment Zones across NSW to Conservation Zones, with the new names to commence on 1 December 2021. The following is a summary of advice from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

What are the new zone names?

Table showing change in environment zone names






What does this mean for the current environment zones?

This change is purely administrative and of name only. Land uses that are currently permitted and prohibited in the environment zones will continue once they are renamed conservation zones. Only the name of zones is changing.

Why is this change being made?

The name ‘environment zone’ is too broad and is open to multiple interpretations, which can cause confusion about the purpose and intent of the zone. By renaming these zones to reflect the ‘conservation’ land use function more clearly, the focus, purpose, and intent of these zones is clearly signalled. The purpose is to conserve the environmental values and natural qualities in areas where this land use zoning is applied. The naming also aligns better with the objectives of the zones as being about conservation.

When are the zone names changing?

The change will commence on 1 December 2021.

How will the change be made?

The change will be given effect through the Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021. Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 will automatically be updated by the NSW Government to reflect the new zone names.  Council staff will progressively update Mosman’s Development Control Plans, Plans of Management, 10.7 planning certificate templates and other documents to refer to the new zone names.

A disclaimer will be added to Council’s website to state that:   As of 1 December 2021, a reference to an Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4.

Does this affect Council’s proposal to rezone land in the Mosman Scenic Protection Area to E4 Environmental Living?

As stated, this change is purely administrative and of name only. The only change is the prefix to the zone name from an ‘E’ to a ‘C’. The proposed new zone would become C4 Environmental Living. The post-exhibition report to Council on the planning proposal (likely to be reported to Council in early 2022) will reflect this new zone name.

More information?

Visit the NSW DPIE website, or contact Council’s Urban Planning team on 9978 4058 or planning@mosman.nsw.gov.au .