Snapshot of Community Feedback Received So Far: Mosman Civic Centre Site

Council’s vision for the Civic Centre site has been on exhibition for two weeks now and we’ve already received a lot of feedback in response to this from the Mosman community. Here’s a snapshot…

“This sounds like a complete waste of money. There is nothing wrong with the existing facilities…”

“I support change to modernise it, especially if this provides more cafes/restaurants with outdoor seating which are child friendly…”

“Can you please remember to provide more disabled parking facilities to accommodate older and infirm patrons?”

“Mosman Council are to be commended on their vision for Mosman Civic Centre…”

“Increasing the car parking facilities in the Village Green area is inappropriate and undesirable…  No large carpark should be sited where the sole access is through residential streets…”

“I am totally against an underground carpark… Mosman is not Chatswood…”

“Yes, we agree that an upgrade of the town’s civic heart is in order.”

“I object to the financing of the development, the disruption to The Crescent, and the massive addition of apartments that will surely damage the area…”

“I like the library the way it is. You do not need a new building for customer friendly service..”

“Looks great! Beaut vision!!”

 “Dumb to sell Mosman assets. Record low interest rates – this is not a vision rather a disaster…”

“The Civic Centre really needs an update – it’s just so old and unpleasant!…”

What do YOU think?    Have your say Exhibition closes on 18 March 2015.

Enquiries to Kelly Lynch 9978 4058 or Joe Vertel 9978 4214.

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2 Responses to Snapshot of Community Feedback Received So Far: Mosman Civic Centre Site
  1. More Kardashian architecture no doubt. Agree with the comment about dumb to sell assets. Why not renovate existing?

  2. Geoffrey Atherden
    06/03/2015 at 11:17 am

    I have two separate observations.
    Since proposals for the redevelopment of the civic centre are going ahead while the debate about possible mergers are still current, they should take into account the real possibility of this council being merged with a neighbouring council. Where is the consideration of what role these buildings and facilities would play in such a future?
    The images of the proposed Civic Centre, while preliminary, look like any café/restaurant/retail plaza anywhere. What’s missing is any evidence that the design will create a place with unique, local character, something that says in a positive way, “this is Mosman.”


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