Delivering community benefits with increased development potential

There are a number of opportunity sites identified for significant new development to deliver public benefits and drive renewal.

One site is in Council ownership, but the other four are privately owned. These sites could be redeveloped to make an architectural statement and give the Junction a strong visual identity along Military Road. Given the desire to trigger redevelopment on these key sites, it is proposed to increase height limits from 5 storeys to between 6 and 10 storeys. In return for this significant increase in height, these sites would need to deliver other public benefits, such as public car parking or plaza areas.

To put this in perspective, this scale of development would be similar to buildings in Vista Street that provided public car parking and a swim centre as public benefits.

Provided buildings on the 5 opportunity sites are well designed and deliver a demonstrated public benefit, do you support the proposed 6-10 storey height limits? Why?

What public benefits (such as more public parking) would you like to see delivered in return for increased development potential on opportunity sites?

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  1. Mosman is being left behind; socially and economically.

    The ‘Mosman Village’ feel can no longer dictate what can and cant be built, it is a detrimental legacy of a once predominant demographic of Mosman, which your stats will indicate, has rapidly changed.

    It is time the new demographic is represented.

    The Mosman’s shopping strip resembles a carcass, the strip needs more considered, well designed residential developments, activation of street façades via trading hours till 11pm, a more engaging art component (produced by people outside the Mosman area and NOT selected by people in Council); a bit of bravery.

    Encourage the density which comes with higher buildings( 6 to 10 storeys); it means people,movement, spending, diversity( heaven forbid) and yes, congestion; a reality of life which we all need to deal with. There is always Bong Bong street, Bowral or the ACT if it is too congested here.

    Induce and engage people to stop at the proposed Clifford rd plaza, not just drive past, break the menatlity of the Spit merely being a conduit to the city.
    Allow alfresco to spread, not just confined to those useless brass discs you fix into the paving, 900mm out from the shop front.

    Yes developers make money, but they also take risks and generally leave an improved, rejuvenated built environment, which will enable all of the above mentioned.

    For increase height limits I expect well detailed, inspiring façades, not beige rendered boxes with bog standard everything, activation of street level

    The past twelve months have succinctly shown universally what happens when dinosaurs(organisations) move too slow.

    IT’S TIME MOSMAN EVOLVED, and so the decision makers voted in!

    Hear, hear!

  2. just a suggestion..
    Areas which are developed mainly for facilities and do not incoporate permanent households, such a flats or apartments, do not progress so well as there is no constant movement of people . Empty spaces encourage vandals outside business hours, whereas when these areas are planned to incorporate housing, they are never totally empty. Residents tend to look out windows now and then, thereby also making it unsafe for vandals to claim these areas.
    As it is, even playgrounds set away from mainstream areas are often taken over by drunk or addicted youth late at night.
    For a city to be truly alive, it needs permanent residents living in the main street of it.

  3. Height limits along Military Road definitely need to be increased. Obviously there is not enough infrastructure to support another Chatswood, but there is a beneficial middle ground. The increased residential density would provide more shoppers for our businesses and hopefully improve nightlife.

    THis would obviously need to include more parking. Most importantly, these new apartments would have to be aesthetically pleasing.

    I definitely support increasing the height limit to 10 stories. Although i expect there will be very vocal opposition to this. The council needs to be forward thinking and not listen to the very loud and often minority “nimby’s”

  4. Who in their right mind wants to shop, chat or eat right next to a 6 lane highway which Military and Spit roads have become.

    Two things about Neutral Bay:
    – shops have been failing there in the general retail downtown and the strip has enough eateries and wine bars to wake the dead.
    – There used to be a little grassed plot behind the shops in Neutral Bay where people would sit and eat lunch. Council turned it into a carpark and prettied up a civic space beside the post office with beautiful mosaic benches. Nobody uses them – right on Military Road.

    Here at Mosman most people put their heads down and try to ignore the noise, trucks and buses as they run the gauntlet over Spit Junction pedestrian crossing. But we love the peace and quiet at Village Green and the oval.

    Let’s build beautiful 10 storey reflective interesting buildings with lots of natural light and greenery, and abut them along these busy roads. Once inside make them calm one-stop havens for bakery, chemist, coffee, swimming, library, seniors youth centre, art gallery and childcare, and plenty of shops. These buildings could form a noise barrier for vibrant community spaces leading down to Mosman Green and Allan Border Oval.

    No to the proposed 10 storey residential block on Village Green please!

    Another tall building at the old Mosman Cinema, and an overpass there to link to shops and meeting places along Horden laneway to Bridgpoint which is already linked back to the existing Civic centre.

    As for the proposed Clifford Plaza, please be wise about late night alcohol venues and delivery trucks servicing such increased activity beside rows of residential strata homes. John probably wouldn’t want people drinking and yahooing outside his house at midnight after a busy day at work.

  5. I believe we should have progressive and positive planning however little people remain little people and this will not happen in Mosman. Ipso facto. (Please note: Note from Moderator – one sentence has been removed because it contravenes our moderation policy and could be considered defamatory).

  6. Yes increase heights on the ridge, the views must be spectacular from a 10 storey building. The ridge is the only sensible place to increase heights. Mosman Junction has the village feel, Spit Junction because of the traffic will never have that, so build up. In return for development build a separated cycle-pedestrian path between Spit Junction and Mosman Junction via oval, schools. More parking at Spit Junction.


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