Populate or perish? Development incentives to encourage new residential opportunities in and around the Junction to activate the area

With community support, we are planning to redevelop civic and community buildings and upgrade public areas in Spit Junction. In order for revitalisation to occur, we will need to work in partnership with the State Government, private landowners, shopkeepers and local residents to encourage investment and activity in the area.

We could do this by encouraging residential development to bring more people into the area to add vitality and boost opportunities for business. Land in and around the Junction has potential for additional dwellings because it is close to major bus routes and within walking distance of shops and services. By focussing additional development around the Junction the green, leafy character of suburban streets beyond can be protected.

Boosting the population with increased building heights
Some of the land in the Junction is unlikely to be redeveloped because of existing strata title ownership patterns or heritage controls. The preliminary draft master plan identifies a number of residential sites where adjoining lots could be amalgamated to allow new residential apartment buildings. To encourage redevelopment of these sites, it is proposed to increase height controls from the current limit of 3 storeys to 4 and 5 storeys.

Do you support the proposal to increase heights on select sites to between 4 and 5 storeys? Why?

2 Responses to Populate or perish? Development incentives to encourage new residential opportunities in and around the Junction to activate the area
  1. There should be no increase in population in the area. The infrastructure (public transport, roads, hospitals, schools, beach parking, etc) is already at breaking point. Local Council needs to understand that they act on behalf of the community, not property developers. Council should take note of the policies of the grassroots STABLE POPULATION PARTY.

  2. Greg Carmichael
    23/06/2012 at 10:24 pm

    Increased residential population on Military Rd /Spit Rd is a very bad idea. Places consumed in noise, congestion and pollution are the least appropriate places for human beings to live.
    The State Government urban consolidation targets for Mosman LGA set 600 dwellings as our target for the next 20 years. This exists under current zoning.
    When this road is fixed (ie the Warringah Freeway is actually properly linked by way of what is quite possibly a highly viable underground tollway) and Military Rd / Spit Rd can be returned to a local dead-end road as it was then major urban renewal can and should take place and the Military /Spit Rd sites will indeed be desirable places to live. At that time and only then should densities increase on that area.


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