How do you want the civic centre to look?

Civic Centre sites play an important role in all communities. They are a great community asset and the Mosman Civic Centre is no different. From time to time they do, however, need to be upgraded to ensure they remain relevant and meet the needs of all members of the community.

The site feasibility study currently being undertaken as part of the Master Plan will look at reinventing the Civic Centre so that it really becomes the ‘Civic Heart’ of the community as well as a contemporary hub of community life and cultural activity for local residents. It will also act as a key driver of growth, change and development of the Mosman community.

Have a look at these examples of Civic Centres from around the world.

Q1: If redevelopment does occur, what do you imagine your Civic Centre looking like?

Q2: Would you be prepared to see an increase in building height on the Civic Centre to fund the provision of significant new community facilities at the Civic Centre?

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  1. Answer to 1: Spit Junction is a transport and services hub, which means it needs to have commercially appropriate buildings. But the facilities should include enough people-friendly qualities so that the necessary working infrastructure does not inhibit personal participation by the community.

    Answer 2: Yes. Building height should be set at a level which will meet the growing need for facilities and enable the whole project to be commercially viable.

  2. I don’t agree with increasing the height of the Civic Centre in order to accommodate more office space and so fund the project. Mosman is already full of commercial spaces that are non-viable – if the rate of closures is anything to go by. Nor is increasing the height of the Civic Centre a way to provide more people participation spaces. Families and the elderly are discouraged from accessing meeting rooms and activity centres that are only accessible via lifts and escalators. Tall buildings are not people-friendly: they overshadow the pedestrian space, creating wind vortices and the sound of the traffic is intensified. Mosman has managed to preserve some of its architectural heritage in the upper balconies of the shops at the Junction and along Military Road. It would be a pity to overshadow this by replacing the Civic Centre with a modern megalith.

    • The most important issues at Spit Junction is create an easy pedestrian link across Military Rd and to improve facilities for those using public transport. Bridge Point centre needs to be integrated into the town plan and the properties along Spit Rd rezoned to create incentives to allow more public space and access.

      Developing the Civic Centre is not needed especially if it involves developing and then selling public assets (air space) to do it. Lets get the town planning right and stop doing unnecessary public work such as the Military Rd beautification.

  3. A1 – I don’t believe the council should be spending rate payer’s money on making themselves a new civic center. There are enough empty properties in the area for the council to renovate and use if they need more space. Renovation would also improve the look of the many empty shops and buildings that are falling into disrepair and this in turn would revitalize the area.

    A2 – No new buildings should be taller than the height of the civic center already there. Bright coloured windows and acres of glass such as those shown on the pictures above are not appropriate for this area. The would not suit the architectural style of many of the already heritage listed properties surrounding Spit Junction.

    Council should be introducing plans to maintain to a higher standard what is already built in terms of shops, offices, roads and other amenities. Not only is this environmentally more advantages, but also Mosman does not need any more shops or office space because businesses are closing down on a daily basis in the area.


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