The future role of Mosman Library

The Masterplan for Spit Junction will be looking at the potential redevelopment of the Council buildings in Spit Junction, including the existing library building. This will create an exciting opportunity for the development of new library facilities.

Libraries as we know them are changing. Books, magazines, encyclopaedias and journal articles are no longer just available in printed form. More and more people access their reference and entertainment reading electronically. And libraries no longer restrict themselves to just words – you can borrow videos and music, connect to the web and scan and send documents.

Consider also Mosman Library’s role as an archive for local history. It records local stories, collects photographs and promotes history through exhibitions and web-based projects like Mosman Faces and Mosman Memories of Your Street.

Mosman Library is also one of the most popular places in our suburb. About 5,000 people walk through the doors each week. They come for storytime, children’s events, teen meet-ups and HSC study sessions, book club meetings and talks. And they borrow books too!

The library staff set up to look at possible futures. Have a look (there’s a video talking with Mosman Library members), then let’s start a discussion here.

What should the future Mosman library look like?

What do you think its role should be?

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2 Responses to The future role of Mosman Library
  1. Does it occur to anyone that many people just want a library and are not interested in
    reading electronically.

  2. Jill Cuthbert, Manager Library Resources, Mosman Library
    15/03/2012 at 4:56 pm

    Thank you for your comments. Books, magazines, newspapers and audiovisual materials will continue to be integral components of your library service, together with electronic resources such as eBooks. 21st century libraries are also vibrant community hubs, places where people can meet, relax, learn and socialise. There is also a need to increase space provided for lounge and reading areas, meeting rooms, and areas for group study.


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